EZ Safety Sand & Salt is a clean natural material that’s non-toxic with no free silica. Minimize the risk of slips and falls with Safety Sand & Salt! Slips and falls can cause serious injury. Safety Sand & Salt helps prevent slips and falls on slippery surfaces caused by ice and snow! ‘Get a Grip on Winter’. EASY TO HANDLE! No heavy bags or mess! Safety Sand & Salt will start working to losen stubborn ice and crusted snow. Minimizes tracking into the house! Use on sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and keep one in every vehicle! Rock Salt will cause damage to concrete surfaces. Use at your own risk on concrete. Fits in most glove boxes, center council storage areas, and even in door pockets in your vehicle! Easy to use – you can apply precisely with one hand keeping the other hand free to open doors, carry brief cases, purses, or packages! Precise placement means you will use exactly how much you need, no more! Available in singles, six packs, or cases of 12 (for 32 oz size). Also check our out refill kits & other related traction products! Each single covers 100-400 sq ft depending on application density. Request a quote for larger orders on pallets and super sacks containing up to 4000 lbs!